Equipment Stream

This stream provides support for organizations to purchase safe and quality equipment for various programs, events and activities.

Step 1: Equipment Grant Application Template (Online form is required)

  • Use this grant application template to help you in the process of preparing your request for funding - it includes all questions in the online form
  • Proof and spellcheck your final Word copy and save
  • Now you are ready to copy and paste your answers into the online form

Step 2: Equipment Budget Form (Required)

  • Complete and save this form for your records
  • Attach this completed budget form to the online grant application

  Step 3: Online Equipment Application Form Stream D

  • Copy and paste your answers from the Word template into the online form
  • The online form has to be completed in one sitting – approximately 20 minutes
  • You will receive an email confirmation after you hit the submit button – it will include a copy of the questions and your answers
  • Please note - this form is NOT optimized for mobile applications. If possible please use a computer to submit your application at this time. 

Equipment Follow-up Form

  • Remember to save a final copy for your records.
  • Deadline for follow-up forms will be included in your approval letter for funding.