Annual Recreation Practitioner Roundtable

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Annual Recreation Practitioner Roundtable

South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District hosted the annual Recreation Practitioner Roundtable in Indian Head on November 7, 2019. Over 15 attendees from across the district gathered for this peer network meeting. These events are learning forums where leaders share wisdom, connect with each other, and explore the big questions they face in their roles! The day featured roundtable hot topics and a presentation from Tami Scott, Community Development Coordinator, Oxbow, on their pool project where the community came together to rebuild a new pool totaling $1.76 million! Tami shared the successes and challenges of carrying out such a large-scale project for a small community of 1,300 people. Their old pool was built in 1973 and operated for 45 years.

Also, Dan Gallagher, Field Consultant, Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association, along with Alicia Stewart, Redvers Recreation Director, presented on creating an asset management plan for recreation facilities and shared a project that was implemented in Redvers where an inventory of assets was completed. Asset management is seen as a part of overall planning where communities can proactively anticipate deterioration, repairs, and replacements rather than having to react to them! It also helps with budgeting and determining needs for insurance coverage. Templates and tools for asset management are available to communities through the district and SPRA!

Thank you to those who presented and attended our meeting! It is fantastic to hear about all the great things that our recreation professionals bring to our communities!