Peer Sharing and Networking

We host a variety of peer sharing events annually to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange, community collaboration and relationship building. All of our networking events are provided free of charge and include refreshments/lunch (depending on time of day).

Title: Virtual Coffee Sessions - coming soon!
  • Networking is ideal for expanding yourknowledge by taking advantage of the viewpoints and prior experience of others.
  • These events provide an opportunity for volunteers, professionals and leaders to network with peers and gain new insights into community challenges.
  • Connect with and learn from peers and stay current with emerging trends!

When: These are offered on an ongoing request basis and will be delivered based on the availability of South East District staff.

Title: Recreation Professionals Mentorship Program

At South East District, we recognize the diversity of professionals working in the recreation, sport and culture sector! We believe that supporting a strong diverse workforce means providing an informative and welcoming environment for those new to the sector. We also believe that mentorship and progressive learning opportunities are important for professionals within the first couple years of their career! Talk to us about our New Recreation Practitioner Resource Starter Kit and Mentorship Program (we match you up for a one-day networking meeting with a mentor, where you have a chance to learn from the best!). Call Tara to learn more at 306.695.2006!


“Arts can be a useful tool in bringing people together for a commonly enjoyed activity; sparking conversations; no competition involved!”Cultural Gathering Attendee

“Thank you for broadening my mind, I am mind blown”Cultural Gathering Attendee

“The roundtable sharing to understand parallel problems, trends and solutions was awesome.”

“I really enjoy the roundtables, hearing different ways of doing things.” 

- Recreation Practitioner Roundtable Participants