Mission Moments

Check out our Mission Moments feature videos to learn more about the work we do each day to meet the needs of our communities!

Become a Winter Town

Communities that experience cold, dark and snowy winters are developing new ways to help residents embrace the winter months.

Designing a “winter city or town” is about drawing focus and access to the great things winter brings while reducing the barriers. The outcome can be a more accessible, inclusive, active, prosperous, and livable community during the year's coldest months.

Check out our new video featuring the Village of Kenosee Lake and the Town of White City and see how they improve and welcome winter opportunities!

Team South East Mission Staff

Team South East mission staff volunteers contribute their time, energy, and expertise to make the Saskatchewan Games a success! Mission staff are your “go to” people during the Games!

The Community Recreation Director

Many communities employ Recreation Directors {aka “recreation rock stars”} to oversee the many programs, spaces and facilities, and events that contribute to our quality of life and wellness. Recreation Directors are typically hired by the municipality and take on several roles, one often being a “community builder”, who liaises and supports the many volunteer groups that make sport, culture and recreation activities happen. They can take on many different titles, such as Facility Manager, Programmer, and Leisure Services Manager.

We have seen an increase in the development of these positions in the past couple of years in the south east. This video showcases two communities who have recently created these positions to meet an identified need in the community. Check it out!

If you are a community that is exploring a new recreation position, and you would like to learn more, contact us! Our South East District staff team offers workshops, tools and resources that can help you on your way to getting your very own recreation rock star!

Sport, Culture and Recreation Professionals 

This Mission Moment video features three professionals working within the sport, culture and recreation sector in the south east. South East District supports leaders with training and peer sharing opportunities. We help link new professionals to other professionals, provide mentorship activities and serve as an information hub.