South East District Funding Opportunities

Always use the most recent forms and guidelines on our website. Do not download and use for future, as you may not have the most recent version.

Community Recreation Plan (CRP) Grant 

The Community Recreation Plan (CRP) Grant aims to provide an opportunity for small, rural communities (populations under 5,000) to engage in planning processes and to create an overall framework to guide the development, delivery and continuous improvement of sport, culture and recreation programs, services and facilities.

The application deadline has passed! We are no longer accepting applications.

GROW Your Community Grant

The GROW Your Community Grant assists groups and organizations to develop equitable communities by improving access to sport, culture and recreation activities. We allocate seed money to help cover the deficit of programs that meet at least one of our grant streams. Turn your innovative ideas into reality—and GROW your community!

*All GROW Your Community funds have been allocated! ART STARTS pilot communities may contact Amber Andersen,   directly for funding inquiries!

*Our 2024-25 grant year will begin April 1, 2024 for programs taking place after April 1, 2024. New grant guidelines and application form will be posted by March 1, 2024. 

GROW Your Community Grant Final Report Form

Training Fund

The intention of the Training Fund is to disburse grants to organizations, clubs and municipalities delivering community-based sport, culture and recreation services in south east Saskatchewan (refer to our communities map). This funding will support broad and inclusive training and development efforts that address foundational knowledge and core skill needs of volunteers and employees throughout the community sport, culture and recreation services sector.

*All funds have been allocated!

Training Fund Final Report Form

**Please ensure you have answered each question completely and that the BUDGET form is complete. INCOMPLETE applications will not be assessed!

Do write brief, succinct, straight-to-the-point answers to each of the questions. Leaving a question blank will result in an incomplete application.

Do explain what you will use the grant for and make sure the BUDGET form is accurate and complete! Be as specific as possible by listing all expenses (get quotes if needed).  

Do use the spell-check and grammar-check functions on your computer or have someone check your spelling and grammar before sending the application.

Do read the funding criteria thoroughly. If you are not sure the project fits the grant, call us!