South East District Funding Opportunities

Community Recreation Plan (CRP) Grant 

The Community Recreation Plan (CRP) Grant aims to provide an opportunity for small, rural communities (populations under 5,000) to engage in planning processes and to create an overall framework to guide the development, delivery and continuous improvement of sport, culture and recreation programs, services and facilities.

CRP Guidelines  CRP Application  CRP Final Report Form


Facility Inventory Champions (FIC) Program

The Facility Inventory Champions (FIC) Program supports small communities that have not traditionally engaged in asset management. Asset management is an important tool, as it helps communities maintain and operate infrastructure in the most effective way so critical services can be provided. This program builds capacity to do long-term planning for recreation infrastructure, so communities can identify priorities and needs and ensure that facilities remain viable and sustainable over the long term.

Expression of Interest Deadline: June 18, 2021 *Deadline extended*

FIC Guidebook

inVest in Your Volunteers Program

The program aims to provide sport, culture and recreation grassroots groups the resources, best practices and training needed to create a volunteer management plan/program for their organizations.

Expression of Interest Deadline: June 15, 2021

 inVest in Your Volunteers Program Guidebook inVest in Volunteers Framework 

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Training Fund

The intention of the Training Fund is to disburse grants to organizations, clubs and municipalities delivering community-based sport, culture and recreation services in south east Saskatchewan (refer to map at This funding will support broad and inclusive training and development efforts that address foundational knowledge and core skill needs of volunteers and employees throughout the community sport, culture and recreation services sector.

Training Fund Guidelines and Application Training Fund Final Report Form