Facility Inventory Champions (FIC) Pilot Program

The South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District is pleased to launch the Facility Inventory Champions (FIC) Program which supports small communities that have not traditionally engaged in asset management. Asset management is an important tool, as it helps communities...
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Virtual Mini-Workshops

There is a need in the south east to offer education and training to individuals in communities to provide opportunities for them to grow as community leaders. The purpose of the South East District Workshop Series is to reduce financial and transportation barriers by providing...
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Recreation Board Development

South East District in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association is pleased to offer south east communities an opportunity to participate in the Recreation Board Development.  The service is provided at no cost. Host a Workshop Expression of...
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Coach Development

Coaches are mentors, motivators and leaders that have a profound impact on the future of our children. A variety of workshops and clinics including Fundamental Movement Skills, Sport Taping, Making Ethical Decisions and National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) courses are...
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HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s only comprehensive quality standard for organizations providing recreation and sport programs to children aged 6-12. Through HIGH FIVE® training, front line recreation, sport and after school leaders learn how to incorporate the Principles...
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Take the Lead!

Take the Lead! is a resource focused on leadership skill development and increased physical activity in youth, primarily ages 11-14. The purpose of the program is to train and mentor young people so they can lead active play at noon hour, recess time and after school with positive...
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