Winter Town Initiative

The Winter Town Initiative is aimed at providing increased opportunities for communities to kick-start planning for the cold, winter season. Groups apply to host a free, virtual one-hour think tank facilitated by South East District staff team members. The think tank results in a...
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Asset Management

Page under construction! 🚧 South East District is working to create some asset management resources to help you with your sport, culture and recreation facility planning and inventories. More information to come soon. 

inVest in Your Volunteers Program

Page Under Construction! South East District is currently revamping our volunteer development resources and tools. Please visit our Volunteer Resources section where we have compiled several resources to help you continue to build and retain a strong volunteer base in your...
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Recreation Board Development

South East District in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association is pleased to offer south east communities an opportunity to participate in the Recreation Board Development.  The service is provided at no cost. Host a Workshop Expression of...
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Recreation Practitioners

Hiring a Recreation Director South East District provides support to south east communities to explore, assess and prepare for the hiring of community recreation positions. Download our 'Hiring a Recreation Director' document and find out what benefits a Recreation Director...
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Strong Boards

Most recreation, sport and arts/culture volunteer boards are founded to answer a need in the community. The original board members saw the issue and volunteered their efforts to do something about it. Board members have a specific task, to help their respective organizations carry...
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Walk for Reconciliation

Walk in the spirit of reconciliation! The South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District is pleased to present a Walk for Reconciliation Guide. This guide aims to provide sport, culture and recreation groups the information and resources needed to host a reconciliation walking...
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