Our Purpose

South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District (South East District) is one of seven (7) sport, culture and recreation Districts in the province.

South East District is one of 1,200 groups which receive direct funding support from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund. The Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation was established in 1974 by Sask Sport Inc., pursuant to the Interprovincial Lotteries Act (1974), for the purpose of granting funds to eligible, non-profit volunteer organizations in the areas of sport, culture and recreation.

The District works with and is a member of the three Global organizations that support sport, culture and recreation in our province: Sask Sport, SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA).

Our Purpose

We view leadership development and capacity building as means to accelerating sport, culture and recreation opportunities in community.

  • We connect leaders with essential skills and knowledge and cultivate powerful learning communities! We are a one-stop shop for sport, culture and recreation information.
  • Our dynamic team draw from a toolbox that includes facilitation, teaching, and peer learning.
  • Through our communications, we curate useful resources, share what we’re learning in our own organization, and report on important trends in the sport, culture and recreation sectors.

How We Do It
We apply a combination of methodologies to meet your unique needs!

CONNECT: Peer Network Gatherings
Our Approach
South East District’s peer network meetings are thriving learning communities where leaders and volunteers share wisdom, connect with each other, and explore the big questions they face in their roles! Our peer network events include our annual Recreation Practitioner Roundtable, Cupcakes, Coffee & Connections and Indigenous Gathering.

Our Approach
We equip people with skills and knowledge through a variety of training activities. We craft workshops that are responsive to leaders working within sport, culture and recreation. Our workshops are highly interactive so that participants have a chance to practice new skills, learn from one another, and can bring knowledge back into their boards and organizations thoughtfully and effectively.

Our presenters are all experienced leaders who bring their own successes, failures, and wisdom into the room and invite everyone else to do the same!

PARTNERSHIPS: Collaboration and Working Together
Our Approach
We work with other like-minded organizations to spark and implement meaningful initiatives and projects for greater impact!

INFORM AND INSPIRE: Communications and Resources
Our Approach
We produce a monthly newsletter, Get the Scoop, where we share resources, tools, news, and funding announcements pushing crucial information forward to the grassroots community. A good resource or tool can go a long way! We have helpful templates, articles, checklists and more available on our website that are sure to be a great addition to your toolbox.

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