Our Purpose

South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District (South East District) is one of seven (7) sport, culture and recreation Districts in the province.

South East District is one of 1,200 groups which receive direct funding support from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund. The Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation was established in 1974 by Sask Sport Inc., pursuant to the Interprovincial Lotteries Act (1974), for the purpose of granting funds to eligible, non-profit volunteer organizations in the areas of sport, culture and recreation.

The District works with and is a member of the three Global organizations that support sport, culture and recreation in our province: Sask Sport, SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA).

Our Purpose

Through our District network, we use a community development approach in working with communities to assist in meeting their needs. South East District works with community groups, organizations, and partnerships to build healthy, vibrant communities across south east Saskatchewan. We offer consulting services, learning and networking events, and tools and resources. Our services are funded by Saskatchewan Lotteries and are provided free of charge where possible.

We work with grassroots organizations and leaders to build their capacity to offer a wide variety of sport, culture and recreation opportunities for the citizens in their communities.

We are the link between provincial funders and grassroots communities. We advocate, promote and provide information about sport, culture and recreation opportunities.

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