Walk for Reconciliation

Walk in the spirit of reconciliation!


The South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District is pleased to present a Walk for Reconciliation Guide. This guide aims to provide sport, culture and recreation groups the information and resources needed to host a reconciliation walking event. Every community and situation is different, and we invite you, as the expert in your own community, to use this guide in a way that is appropriate, impactful and safe in your respective environments and situations.


It is important to note that each municipality and/or organization will be at a different point in its journey to support reconciliation and that this guide should not be considered as the only option, but a resource of suggestions for those groups that are starting out. It is a tool meant to help share and grow reconciliation efforts!


Why host a reconciliation walking event?



  • Helps to build capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect.

  • Is an opportunity to work with community partners, and Indigenous communities and organizations to learn and build.

  • Can happen anytime; or can be held in June in conjunction with Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21), or in September {Orange Shirt Day/National Day for Truth & Reconciliation on September 30}. 


Walk for Reconciliation Guide