Celebrating Everyday Heroes In Sport, Culture & Recreation: Derek Soroka from the Town of Redvers

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Celebrating Everyday Heroes In Sport, Culture & Recreation: Derek Soroka from the Town of Redvers

South East District is celebrating Everyday Heroes in sport, culture, and recreation as part of the 2024 National Volunteer Week. In our call to communities, groups, and individuals to nominate their Everyday Heroes, we were fortunate to receive a nomination for Derek Soroka from the Town of Redvers!

Derek is a dedicated volunteer, actively involved in various community groups and initiatives as well as a Councillor. He generously contributes his time to organizations such as the Redvers & District Health Foundation, the Redvers Health Foundation Fundraising Committee, the Redvers Lions Club, Redvers Minor Hockey and plays a pivotal role in the South East Medical Group.

Derek is also deeply committed to his family and their multigenerational business, ERP Pro-Hardware, where he devotes his evenings and weekends to helping out whenever possible.

Nominated by Jena Cowan, Assistant C.A.O. for the Town of Redvers.

What makes the individual a volunteer Everyday Hero?

  • As visible in the groups Derek is a member of, he is very invested in the well-being of our community. Not only does he serve as a Councillor for the Town of Redvers, but he also gives even more time to crucial organizations.
  • The Redvers Lions Club is responsible for many large donations to projects in our community. They are the first to volunteer to participate in local events, sponsor every fundraising event that is held, and ensure our residents, and the residents of surrounding communities, are warm in the winter with a Clothing Drive and an annual Food Drive.
  • The Redvers & District Health Foundation is responsible for keeping the Redvers Medical Centre open. Several funding cuts meant that our facility could no longer operate. The Foundation was formed, and our facility continues to operate through the generous donations of the surrounding communities. They throw an annual fundraising event, ensuring the facility has the support it needs.
  • The South East Medical Group is a recently formed organization. Its purpose is to ensure our local health professionals are heard and involved in decision-making processes that affect themselves and their peers. The SEMG has taken on active recruiting, offering incentives for health professionals who agree to multi-year contracts. They also act as human resources for our health professionals in both Redvers and Carnduff. They facilitate the doctors working between the two facilities, so that both communities, and their rural municipalities, have reliable health care. There is also a committee dedicated to retaining health professionals, offering years of service awards and recognition.
  • Redvers Minor Hockey—Derek was a parent volunteer to assist in the youngest age group, the U7s, where half of the enrolled children had not yet learned how to skate. The coaching staff required assistance in teaching the kids to skate while also improving their skills through skating drills. Even though he was not a coach, he was on the ice assisting at every practice for the duration of the five-month season.

Thank you, Derek, for your dedication and leadership as a volunteer in the community!