Cheer Story: Centre 48 Is Bringing Opportunities to Rural Communities

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Cheer Story: Centre 48 Is Bringing Opportunities to Rural Communities

Centre 48 Arts and Education was established with a clear purpose in mind: to create vibrant rural communities that will have access to a wide range of arts, culture, fitness, and continuing education opportunities for all age groups. Centre 48 offers diverse activities that cater to the varied interests and needs of the community.

Natasha Romanow, Program Coordinator, provides insights into the purpose, outreach, and impact of Centre 48.

"Our classes normally take place in communities along Highway #1 from Indian Head to Grenfell and Highway 48 from Vibank to Kennedy." This ensures that residents along these highways can participate in the programs without facing the challenge of long-distance travel.

Centre 48's impact on the community is significant, as Natasha explains, "We are able to bring communities together by holding a variety of classes that are available to all ages and abilities, without having to travel far distances to participate in them." By hiring local instructors and utilizing multiple facilities, Centre 48 ensures that its programs benefit everyone.

“We try to be present in as many communities as possible, to make classes available to everyone." Centre 48 is always looking for new class ideas; community members will bring in new ideas, and from there, Natasha will then coordinate the instructors and facilities. The success of this approach isn’t possible without the flexibility and willingness of instructors to travel, ensuring a diverse and widespread program offering.

Some of the programs that Centre 48 offers include pickleball, moccasin and mitt making class, clay mug class, Christmas planter and centerpiece class, non-competitive dance class, rhythmic gymnastics class, violin, fiddle and ukulele lessons, CPR and babysitting courses, willow walking stick class, Lego and craft clubs, volleyball, track & field clinics, and many more.

This year's lineup includes Zumba and salsa lessons in Candiac, yoga in Odessa, a babysitting course in Glenavon, CPR recertification in Montmartre, cake decorating in Kipling, music lessons in Indian Head, and many more to come throughout the year.

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Photo Credit: Natasha Romanow, Program Coordinator