Cheer Story: Recreation Professionals Week In Saskatchewan!

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Cheer Story: Recreation Professionals Week In Saskatchewan!

June 14-20 was slated Recreation Professionals Week in Saskatchewan for the fourth year! #SKRECWEEK2021

What is recreation?
Recreation is the experience that results from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community well-being.

Why are recreation professionals important to your province?
Think of your most enjoyable memory as a kid. Odds are, you’re thinking of something outdoors where you were playing with family or friends. This is natural as our connection to play, enjoyment and general happiness is from memories that involved family, friends and playing.

Now that you have these memories going through your mind, do you remember any person(s) in your life who were always around making sure the spaces and places you were playing as a child were safe. Safe, so that you could simply be a kid enjoying life? These people were likely recreation professionals (although they may not hold that title), they were working in the background of your community making parks, open spaces and recreation facilities safe places for you, your family and friends to play. These opportunities and experiences are made possible through the hard work and passion of Saskatchewan’s Recreation Professionals. This diverse group of professionals includes any person working in the field of recreation and parks in a non-volunteer capacity.

Recreation professionals envision a Saskatchewan where everyone is engaged in meaningful, accessible recreation experiences, that

  • Individual well-being
  • Well-being of natural and built environments
  • Community well-being

Programs and services offered by recreation professionals foster:

  • Active living
  • Inclusion and access
  • Connecting people and nature
  • Supportive environments
  • Recreation capacity

Behind a thriving community and highly valued services are educated, trained professionals that care deeply about the people that they help.

Did you know? We have over 30 rec professionals across communities in the south east?

Want to learn more about what a Recreation Director can bring to your community and how to start a position? Request a "Hiring a Recreation Director" presentation at your next council or board meeting by contacting Joni Hagen, ED, at

Article Courtesy: Saskatchewan Association of Recreational Professionals