Cheer Story: Redvers Winterfest: A Resounding Success in Community Celebration

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Cheer Story: Redvers Winterfest: A Resounding Success in Community Celebration

There is a growing movement of communities seeking to improve and welcome winter opportunities, and the Town of Redvers is one of them!  Winterfest is an annual winter festival held in the town of Redvers. The first event was in the winter of 2017, in 2023, Winterfest was hosted on December 9th.  The day included a number of engaging outdoor activities, and festive programming was provided to bring joy and warmth to the community.

Winterfest offers a diverse range of activities, including craft time for children of all ages, a gnome scavenger hunt, thrilling axe throwing, tractor sleigh rides, a firefighter obstacle course, Lighting of the Memory Tree Memorial Service, and Christmas carols, a chance to skate with the Redvers Rockets, a cozy gathering around the Fireman's bonfire and a lively Winterfest Parade.

The success was significantly influenced by the contributions of the Winterfest committee, volunteers, local businesses, and community members.

Kendra Miller, a Winterfest committee member, said, “We, as a committee, put a ton of work into this event. There are only five of us, so it’s a lot of work. Our sponsors are so generous that we couldn’t do it without them. They make it so that everything we offer is free so everyone can attend no matter their financial situation.”

“We have such amazing positive feedback every year. Many say it’s their kid's favourite day of the year. Seeing all the kids out all bundled up and running around town with huge smiles on their faces is so awesome! They all look forward to taking their photos with Santa.”

Kendra continues, “I find the parade to be so much fun. Seeing everyone out watching the parade in the cold with all the Christmas music and lights on the floats is super fun.”

“We also always have a good turnout for the skate with the senior Rockets. This is how we always wrap up the day and it’s great. We always have great attendance. So many kids think the Rockets are superstars so it’s really fun to see them taking photos with them and having fun!”

The committee comprises Kendra Miller, Kayleen Gaudet, Megan Ellison, Jena Cowan, and Samantha Matthewson.

The Winterfest committee extends heartfelt gratitude for the support brought to the event. The community presence and active participation played a pivotal role in achieving the event's tremendous success!

Designing a “winter city or town” is about drawing focus and access to the great things winter brings while reducing the barriers. The outcome can be a more accessible, inclusive, active, prosperous, and livable community during the year's coldest months. Check out the South East District website at for ideas and tools on how to embrace winter in your community!

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