ED Blog: “Cup of Jo” - Refresh, Restart & Rejuvenate Programming!

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ED Blog: “Cup of Jo” - Refresh, Restart & Rejuvenate Programming!

"Design programs with a diversity lens!"

Last month, I delivered a webinar focused on new ideas and trends in sport, culture and recreation programming. I researched and compiled best practices from various municipalities across Canada and found that there is so much opportunity for creativity. I am going to share some of the things I discovered to help you refresh, rejuvenate and restart programming in YOUR community!

These five (5) tips really stood out for me in my review of program guides and municipal strategies:

  1. Focus on Accessibility & Inclusion: Intentionally consider how barriers might be minimized or eliminated in the development of each new opportunity, and design programs with a diversity lens!
  2. Enhance Outdoor Recreation/Culture Opportunities: Improve opportunities to connect with nature and outdoor recreation through a network of park-oriented developments; and link arts, culture, health and fitness with outdoor recreation in program development. If indoor space is a challenge – there are mounds of opportunities outdoors for programming!
  3. Focus on Family Leisure Time & Unstructured Play: Families are always so busy running with hockey, dance, etc. Why not offer welcoming spaces for families to drop in at their leisure to play together – families that play together, stay together!
  4. Foster Creativity & Experimentation: Foster a culture of ideas, experimentation, and creativity in the development of new programs, services and opportunities. Allow new or unique programs and services to develop and gain momentum overtime; follow a process to consult, collaborate, develop, evaluate, adjust and improve.
  5. Coordination & Collaboration: Facilitate regular opportunities to communicate, collaborate and coordinate services across different local groups and committees (i.e. neighbouring communities, seniors centre, library, school, rink, museum)

The number one question we get asked is, “Where do we find instructors and artists for programs?”. My answer: Look within your own community – you would be surprised at how many people have talent to contribute! Create a Call for Instructors through the library, rink or school! Get the word out on social media on what you are looking for - whether it is a person who is passionate for fitness, or someone who is an excellent photographer, or an individual who loves working with youth or knows how to knit! Well, there you have it - some tips to offer fresh sport, culture and recreation programs! Happy Programming!

If you would like to receive my programming pack which is full of ideas and tools, email ed@southeastdistrict.ca to request a copy! You can also visit our Resource Hub for additional information at https://southeastdistrict.ca/resources/programming-for-sport-culture-recreation. Check out the GROW Your Community Grant which supports programming and equipment.

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