ED Blog: The Untapped Goldmine of The Digital World: Sponsorship and Fundraising

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ED Blog: The Untapped Goldmine of The Digital World: Sponsorship and Fundraising

We recently hosted a sponsorship and fundraising webinar in April. Thank you to Brent Barootes from Partnership Group Sponsorship Specialists for sharing his 12 steps to the successful monetization of sponsorship and fundraising in the digital world! The webinar focused on the need for groups and organizations to know what you have to sell to potential sponsors and what it is worth – your “inventory of saleable assets is now different”. 

Brent talked a lot about the need to shift from stock packages to “customized proposals” and that success is really dependent on making that personal/virtual connection with businesses and companies you want to approach. He also suggested that “storytelling is critical” and that you must deliver on the promises you make to your sponsors.

One of the 12 steps focused on the importance to know the difference between fundraising and sponsorship marketing. “Sponsorship is a business transaction where the sponsor is getting something in return for their contribution, and fundraising is a donation where there is no expectation for anything in return”, Brent explained in the webinar.

Some examples of how we can tap into that goldmine when it comes to sponsorship and raising funds in the digital world:

  • Live streaming cultural events and sports – this could provide as an opportunity for businesses to sponsor your program or facility and in return they get their logo or recognition in all the live streaming for those events!
  • Social Media is KING – share your sponsor's messages: re-posting, sharing and retweeting the content of sponsors and partner organizations is an easy way to provide social media benefit.
  • Online Auctions and Fundraisers – Yes, even smaller communities can do online stuff! Check out the community of Ogema (population 400) – they just did their 2021 online auction to raise funds for various community priorities! https://ogemacommunityauction.ca/; Facebook Page: Ogema Community Auction

So, take action now and EXPLORE THIS UNTAPPED GOLDMINE…look beyond your historical fundraising endeavours and take time to discover the digital world! It will be the new way! Check out some of Brent’s helpful articles at: http://www.partnershipgroup.ca/author/brent-barootes/.

Download & Share: The Untapped Goldmine of The Digital World: Sponsorship and Fundraising