ED Blog: Transforming Meetings...Instead of Just Tolerating Them

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ED Blog: Transforming Meetings...Instead of Just Tolerating Them

"Establish the purpose of your meeting!"

Isn’t is crazy how much time we spend in meetings as volunteers and leaders working in grassroots sport groups, arts organizations and recreation boards and committees? Monthly meetings clog our calendars - they last too long, they don’t start on time, and they wander off track!

But it doesn’t have to be this way! We CAN take little steps to make our meetings more productive! In my mini-workshop, Effective Meetings that Work, I talk about three simple yet foundational tips:

1. Establish the Purpose of Your Meeting
Ask yourself: “Is this meeting really necessary?” Meetings provide real benefits. Just make sure there is indeed a NEED.

2. Set Meeting Norms or Rules as a Group
It is super easy to hold each other accountable for inappropriate actions (showing up late, texting on cell phone during the meeting, coming unprepared) if everyone agrees to a set of meeting norms prior to each meeting or for the entire year. Make rules visible each meeting by posting them up in the meeting room or including them on the agenda. (My fav meeting rule is ELMO – Enough, Let’s Move On – anytime we get off track in a meeting, we simply say “ELMO”, and we all know we need get back on track, no questions asked!)

3. Create an Outcomes-Focused and/or Action-Oriented Agenda
Rather than a shopping list, put a verb in front of each agenda item! This will provide more focus and increase productive
discussions. Define what each item is trying to accomplish. Examples:

  • Social Media Discussion --- Review and Document Revisions to Social Media Plan
  • Treasurer’s Report --- To Approve Treasurer’s Report
  • Bake Sale --- To Cancel Bake Sale and Each Attendee will bring a new fundraising idea that the committee can explore

As you can see each action-oriented agenda item is clear and there is an expected result!

So, when you are preparing for your next meeting think about these small changes that you could bring to a board or committee!

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