Cheer Story: Non-traditional Sport is a Win-Win!

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Cheer Story: Non-traditional Sport is a Win-Win!

Why did the community of Pilot Butte offer fencing as an activity? What was involved/offered? Regina Fencing was the organization that came out to Pilot Butte to offer a Children’s Fencing program. They reached out to us to see if we would be interested in offering a session. We worked with Regina Fencing to offer introductory classes for children at a reduced rate to help encourage parents to register their children. Regina Fencing was responsible for taking all of the registration information and fees.

How many sessions were offered? What did Regina Fencing provide? Regina Fencing and the Town of Pilot Butte agreed to offer a 6-week program with classes once a week for an hour. Regina Fencing provided all of the equipment that was needed for the classes including plastic blades.

Who participated? How did you get people to come out to try it? The program was designed for children aged 9 to 12. This was the youngest age group Regina Fencing taught and had equipment for. The Town of Pilot Butte put posters up around town, used social media and sent handouts home with the students from the school.

What impact did it leave in the community? Our 6-week pilot program was successful in the Spring of 2019. There was some interest from parents that the program continue, with one child wanting to continue with classes in Regina. We were unable to find space in our Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 programming line up, however; we are in discussions with Regina Fencing to offer another program in the Spring of 2020 (April).

What equipment and space is required for fencing? We were fortunate that Regina Fencing had the equipment needed. Our class size was dictated by the number of plastic blades. The class was offered in our Community Hall but would be suitable for any open space or school gym. There needs to be room for up to 14 people to move around and be active.

Other comments? It is always great to offer recreation activities that would be considered more unique then the typical hockey, ringette and soccer. Even if the program is only offered once you can take pride in knowing that you are providing innovative opportunities for your community.

Cheer Story Submitted by Meaghann White, Recreation Program Coordinator, Town of Pilot Butte

Saskatchewan Fencing is offering a free introductory 6-8 week session in fencing, with the hopes that there will be interest to continue afterwards. Equipment to be supplied. Contact for more information and to discuss the opportunity.