Cheer Story: “Stick” Around for the Roaring Game of Curling! It’s Truly a Game for Everyone!

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 Cheer Story: “Stick” Around for the Roaring Game of Curling! It’s Truly a Game for Everyone!

"Stick Leagues" are becoming increasingly popular with beginners, older adults, and those with injuries or mobility issues. No matter what your age, flexibility or skill level, Stick Curling ensures that anyone can enjoy the sport of curling.

Stick Curling involves delivering a curling rock the length of a sheet of ice using a stick, similar to outdoor shuffleboard. There are two teams of two (2) or four (4) players each, the goal is to score more points than the opposition. It is a game of skill, strategy and some luck.

Quite simply, it is an innovation that allows anyone to curl or to keep curling.  Stick curlers don’t have to squat down in the hack or slide low to the ice to deliver a rock; they can now do it from the standing position. The curling stick simply holds onto the handle of the curling rock and the curler walks from the hack position on the ice out towards the hog line (the area where the rock must be released). The curler just pushes the rock in the desired direction from that standing position using the stick.

The community of Montmartre offers stick curling. Jerry Fisher, Curling Club volunteer, explains, “There were people in the community interested in curling who wanted to continue to play without using a traditional slide delivery, since they could no longer slide. Eventually, the community decided to start a stick curling league.”

Fisher adds, “Currently, the Montmartre Curling Club only has stick curling. Stick curling is a good alternative, the people that are currently participating would not be curling if they had to slide. Our curlers range from the ages of 40 to 80 years. There are approximately 40 to 50 curlers participating.” 

Fisher states he would encourage other communities to consider stick curling, as it also provides as a social afternoon and/or evening for participants. Fisher explains, “it is easier to find teams because you only need two (2) people and the game is quick, it is played in under an hour. Stick Curling is a growing sport, including provincial competitions.”

“I enjoy being able to do a sport with my husband and other community members that we have known for years. We have also met new people in the community. Stick curling is a great physical activity that has adapted a traditional sport to make it easier on aging bodies.  Best of all, we end each curling game with coffee and camaraderie in the lounge!”
 - Montmartre Stick Curling Participant  

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