Walking Soccer

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Walking Soccer

Looking to stay active?
To keep fit and have a ton of fun?
To enjoy being part of a team?
To try something new?

What is walking soccer? This new, low-cost soccer format is breaking through barriers of traditional soccer and helping players get back on the pitch and introducing people to the game for the very first time. The game is played at a slower pace which makes it perfect for all skill and mobility levels and can be played on all surfaces including gym floors, grass, halls and church basements, and surfaces like tennis courts. That is what is so unique about the world’s beautiful game – all you need to play are some eager players, a ball and a few markers to line the field and mark the goals!

Whether you are a parent or grandparent looking to find new ways to play with the kids, a competitive player who craves the feel of a ball at their feet, or someone who is looking to enhance their neuroplasticity and physical literacy, walking soccer is worth a try!

We welcome you to come and check out a walking soccer event with one of our members FC Regina, Moose Jaw Soccer Association, or Saskatoon Adult Soccer! If you are interested in checking out all the soccer activities kicking off around the province or want more information on how to get started in your own community visit www.sasksoccer.com or like us and send us a message on Facebook.

Saskatchewan Soccer Association is the sport governing body for the sport of soccer in the province. The Association seeks to grow strong people and strong communities through the delivery of the sport of soccer. Through the efforts of 69 Member Organizations across Saskatchewan, close to 26,000 individuals are served to grow and thrive. The Association works closely with these Member Organization to develop and produce innovative quality programs. Soccer is a lifelong sport that is beloved by billions of people around the world and SSA welcomes everyone to experience the love of the game with us at these new events.

Eden Senger
Coordinator of Special Projects, Registrar
Saskatchewan Soccer Association

Article: Direction, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association