Orientation: Setting Your Volunteers Up for Success

Orientation is about setting the stage for a positive experience with your volunteers. It includes setting expectations, allowing for a dialogue with your volunteers, ensuring they have the tools to support their roles, and the first step in onboarding and retention.

Orientation and training provide people with information that makes them more confident in their organizational roles.  It encourages confidence and assists people in adapting more quickly to their position, whether as a paid employee or volunteer.  It ultimately contributes to an effective and efficient board, committee, or group –essential to retaining the most critical resource…people. People want to be a part of winning teams, not dysfunctional boards and committees - being organized and providing orientation and training can improve retention and volunteer satisfaction. This presentation will teach you the integral steps to a successful direction and training plan. 

We will examine what tools volunteers need to understand their role in the organization. We will look at how to onboard board and committee members and what they need to know before they start their journey.

About the Presenter: Lori is a volunteer management leadership expert and consultant and podcaster, as well as an internationally published author and workshop facilitator and podcaster who has taught workshops to many diverse audiences, including Boards and Committees, Associations and Nonprofit organizations across North America.

Lori is a contributing author the Volunteer Management Handbook, 2nd Edition as well as a subject matter expert guest on various podcasts in the nonprofit space. Lori has helped organizations with strategic planning, board and committee development, employee volunteerism, marketing volunteer programs, developing resource and learning centres, tools and resources for volunteer programs, and developing volunteer programs to name a few areas of expertise.

Lori was a recipient of the Linda Buchanan Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management.  Lori continues to push the boundaries of traditional volunteer management through her writing and teaching and helping leaders of volunteers to build out exceptional volunteer programs.

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Presenter: Lori Gotlieb
Date: Wednesday, December 6
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Cost: Free
Register Here: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=iw5jcpmab&oeidk=a07ejyhpsn6b9a48e11