Strong Boards

Most recreation, sport and arts/culture volunteer boards are founded to answer a need in the community. The original board members saw the issue and volunteered their efforts to do something about it.


Board members have a specific task, to help their respective organizations carry out their cause to the best of their ability. As organizations grow and change, their boards need to grow and change, too.


South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District has created STRONG BOARDS to help volunteers to respond to this growth and change. By reviewing and completing a simple checklist tool (provided at the end of this document), your board can identify and take steps to strengthen processes, improve structures, and enhance operations. Consider participating so you can join the STRONG BOARDS movement!





  • Boards have increased ability to address gaps, strengths, opportunities and weaknesses

  • Boards have enhanced access to tools, education and templates to create efficient volunteer


Download our STRONG BOARDS document today and be on your way to a stronger board!


Strong Boards Document